See beyond the obvious.
Your guide to building a more diverse workforce.

Conscious inclusion emphasizes looking beyond obvious criteria and biases when making hiring decisions. The book discusses the challenge of letting the unconscious brain drive the recruiting process and provides insights on avoiding misplaced judgments and uncovering new opportunities.

Inspire your business and HR leaders to be more consciously inclusive throughout the hiring process, leading to better outcomes and a more diverse and talented workforce.

Key learnings:

  • Overcoming unconscious biases in the hiring process
  • The power of DEI programs for upward mobility and profitability
  • Designing inclusive hiring practices to create opportunities 
  • The impact of language in job descriptions 
  • Addressing snap judgments during the resume review process
  • Structured interviewing in predicting job success 
  • Benefits of conscious inclusion in fostering an innovative workforce
See Beyond the Obvious - eBook Cover