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Refer your friends and earn money

Help us make interviewing better for everyone! Earn up to $550 by referring a friend to Clovers! 

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Clovers is on a mission to help improve hiring by making interviews equitable, quality, and meaningful.

Do you know have a friend or colleague who works in recruiting, HR, DEI, or just hiring a ton that may be interested? We would love to connect with them!

The details...

  • When the referral takes the sales call, you both get $50 gift cards. If they buy Clovers, you get an additional $500 gift card in appreciation.
  • The person must be in a Recruiting, Talent, HR, or DEI position
  • Referrals must be in the US or Canada
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Hire faster

Hire faster

Optimize your time-to-hire speed.

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Hire better

Create a culture of hiring mastery.

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Hire equitably

Commit to equity and reducing bias.

“We were able to put our candidates’ best foot forward and engage clients by sharing video interviews with them for quick feedback.” Mark Kalmbach, Principal at Medallion Partners
"We rest easy knowing our Clovers user data is protected 24/7 in the cloud." Candice Schmitt, Head of People at Groundswell
“Clovers helped us avoid time spent with the wrong candidates, saving our execs hours weekly.” Ashley Miller, Recruiter at Comparably

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